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You are workers in a factory that exploits your labor.

You have decided that sabotage is the means to end your oppression.

Sabotage is a 2+ player GM-full game inspired by the design of Lasers & Feelings, with moves and other mechanics from Belonging Outside Belonging games like Sleepaway and Galactic 2e. 

The art used in the cover is by Mesquita from Rawpixel's collection. 

Released under the CC 4.0 license

Created for the 2021 One-Page RPG jam. #1pRPGjam

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Tags1prpgjam, diceless, gm-full, One-page, Tabletop role-playing game


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I really like the subject matter, the beautiful layout, the mechanical inspirations, and the elegant implementation of these gm-full rpg rules for this game.

So when the One Page RPG Hackathon came around, I couldn't help myself.  I created a hack of this game that is basically the plot of Ghostbusters in the setting of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. OK, I kinda took a left turn on the subject matter there... Anyway, I call it DEMONBREAKERS: https://bhazzard.itch.io/demonbreakers

Thanks for inspiring me! I hope you check it out (there are community copies).


This is so cool! Great work! Can't wait to give a full reading!


Thanks! Your game really boiled a lot of elements of NDNM and BOB that I like down to their essence, and made it click for me.


I found this from the TEETH RPG newsletter, and can't wait to play this, it looks delightful

Hey, thank you! That's cool it was written about in Teeth. Thanks for saying so!


This is SO brilliant and I adore it


An absolute beauty! Do you mind if I borrow some concepts for my own hack, Roots & Flowers? I loved it! And check the Applied Hope Jam. I feel like this fits very well with the Solarpunk concept!

by all means! I’ve made it CC, so you’re free to do with this as you wish! 

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to the "Games I want to play" list!!!
Looks promising and very well designed - the way you organized the elements is gorgeous 

thank you! The organization was inspired by both Lasers & Feelings and Galactic 2e playbooks.